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Gleneagles Hospital Room Rates

Room Rates

  • Gleneagles Hospital

    Type of Room

    Daily Rate (S$)

    Fees include 7% GST
    Single room 668
    4-bedded 259
    2-bedded 329
    Superior room 838
    Executive suite 1,158
    Dalvey suite 1,478
    Executive deluxe suite 1,478
    Dempsey suite 1,678
    Napier / Nassim suite 3,088
    Tanglin suite 6,058
    Gleneagles suite 7,588

    HDU & ICU

    High dependency unit (HDU) 668
    Intensive care unit (ICU) 798

    Transplant Unit

    Single room 858
    2-bedded 488


    Nursery (baby) 84
    Nursery (special) 84

    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    Level 1 258
    Level 2A 338
    Level 2B 558
    Level 3 688

    Day Surgery


    Day Surgery Operation (Mon – Fri before 4pm and Sat before 12pm)

    Standard bed (for first 4 hours, thereafter $30 per hour) 88
    Single (for first 4 hours, thereafter $42 per hour) 160

    Day Surgery Operation (Mon – Fri after 4pm and Sat after 12pm)

    Standard bed 178
    Single 318


    Patient lodger 105


    For first 4 hours, thereafter $22 per hour 58
    Endoscopy VIP room (extra fee on top of hours stayed) 163


    1. Fees above are for rooms only. A daily treatment fee will be charged for inpatient and day surgery cases.
    2. For an extra stay of up to 8 hours or less, half the normal rate will be charged.
    3. The full estimated bill size will be collected upon admission.
    4. An extra payment will apply when the hospital fees add up to more than the amount paid when admitted.