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Dr Lee Kiat Siong Arthur

Dr Lee Kiat Siong Arthur
Dr Lee Kiat Siong Arthur
  • Dr Art Lee Psych & Counseling Clinic


    6 Napier Road #07-07
    Gleneagles Medical Centre
    Singapore 258499

  • Specialty

    • Psychiatry
  • Languages Spoken

    • English
    • Japanese
    • Malay/Indonesian
    • Mandarin


  • Dr Arthur Lee is a Medical Doctor & Senior Consultant Psychiatrist . He was formerly Head of Psych & Addiction Med Services (Alexandra Hospital, AH) & the Addiction Med Dept ( Inst of Mental Health, IMH). A Clinical Lecturer and Tutor at NUS YLL School of Med, he was also Adj A/Prof at Duke-NUS Medical School. He worked in various professional capacities and assisted various Public Agencies & Institutions - NHG, MOH and SMC (Expert Opinion).
  • His post-graduate HMDP training was at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester Minnesota, USA) and CAMH (Toronto, Canada). He also undertook study engagements at the Betty Ford Center, Hezelden & UCLA in USA apart from UK, Australia & Asian countries. He pioneered the Addiction Treatment and Rehab in Singapore with the modified Minnesota Model & 12 Step Therapeutic Programs. Dr Lee further refined a wide variety of addiction treatment modalities, support groups & clinical training for Counselors, MSWs, Psychologists and Psychiatrists. He also led a dedicated team in setting up, developing & advancing addiction support services. These included training & collaboration with numerous institutional & community stake-holders in Singapore.
  • Beyond Acute Psychiatry and Rehab Services, Dr Lee’s experience spanned Court expert witness & reports, Forensic Psychiatry work, Clinical audits/ JCI steering committees & chairing various clinical, admin and expert committees. Dr Lee was also actively involved in local and overseas Scientific Conferences, University teaching courses, seminars & exams for doctors, medical students, nurses (Adv Dip/ Masters’ Prog) & pharmacists at NUS YLL, Duke-NUS, NYP, SP. Dr Lee also contributed his expertise to research, medical books & journal articles (mental health, addictions & general psychiatry). Other Clinical Activities encompassed editorial panel reviews (Academy of Med Journal), Addiction Module owner & Curriculum writer (Grad Dip, Mental Health for GPs - IMH/NHG) besides Exam Assessor & Coordinator (MMed Psych). He also held rigorous engagements in training, supervising & mentoring psychiatrists in addition to formulating Clinical Protocols, Algorithms & Clinical Guidelines (chair, editor) for doctors.
  • Dr Lee continues to take a keen interest in medical & ethical advances in these areas – such as treatment & preventive aspects of addictions, role transitions, adjustment challenges, stress management, problem-solving, multi-disciplinary treatment & holistic healing processes. These immerse him in frequent interactions with patients, families, medical students, colleagues & researchers across a diversity of clinical disciplines.
  • Clinical focus: Dr Arthur Lee has widespread experience with international and local patients in contextualizing, assessing & treating mental health conditions. These comprise emotional adjustments & health concerns, stress-related challenges, relationship struggles, role conflicts, grief, obsessions & compulsions, panic attacks, anxiety, & depression. Likewise, general psychiatry disorders, impulse control disorders, drinking problems, internet & sexual addictions etc. Clinical Management involves confidential and personalized evaluation, safe & appropriate medications, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention, education, counseling (with optional family work) & lifestyle changes.

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